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best new skincare product clarafuse

We here at Lustercare see a lot of new skincare products pass our desks on a daily basis. Hundreds of skincare lines make their way to the beauty market every year. From time to time, we’ll see a product or line that really impresses us with their noticeable results, and the most recent product we’ve been blown away by is Dermaclara clarafuse, which gets our “Best New Skincare Product” award.

We give this award to products that fulfilled the following requirements:

  1.  Skincare released within the last year
  2.  Products independently clinically tested
  3. Products give results quickly and effectively
  4. Skincare line used innovative technology

Dermaclara is a unique skincare line that addresses both stretch marks and wrinkles. Since both are difficult to reduce once you have them, it takes a scientific, results-oriented line like Dermaclara to tackle these skin problems. They utilized skincare technology called Silicone Fusion Technology, which consists of proprietary medical grade silicone treatments.

Because Dermaclara is devoted to both stretch marks and wrinkles, one of their products (clarafuse) is an advanced, medical grade silicone skin pad that adheres to skin. It comes in various shapes for the face and body. Body clarafuse is large, heart-shaped, flexible pad can be applied anywhere on the body, including the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, legs, anywhere you have stretch marks! And clarafuse for the face contains treatment pieces for the areas around the eyes and mouth, and for the forehead. Users apply it for anywhere from one to nine hours, and the cool thing about the body clarafuse is that you can wear them under your clothes during the day, and no one will ever know!

During independent clinical trials, women who used clarafuse noticed a difference in their skin in JUST ONE HOUR. That’s amazing. What impresses us about Dermaclara clarafuse is the ease of use and affordability. Each pad can be used up to 30 times. Since they contain no chemicals, and need no injections or visits to the dermatologist are necessary, most consumers can afford to add Dermaclara to their skincare routine. Say bye bye to stretch marks and wrinkles! Visit Dermaclara.com to order.


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