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Sunscreen is an integral part of a proper skincare regimen. But how to choose one? What ingredients should you look for?

Any good sunscreen should have the following:

  1. UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection
  2. A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15, with SPF 30 being the ideal.
  3. A moisturizing, non-comedogenic base to keep skin both protected AND hydrated.
  4. An expiration date far into the future. Expired sunscreens don’t protect skin from harmful rays, so toss them.

Use at least one shot glass full for the entire body. For the face, a nickel-sized dollop will suffice. Apply any serums and moisturizers first, let them absorb and make sunscreen your final step. You can also use moisturizers that contain sunblock. Just make sure to use enough.

And what about foundations and powders that contain SPF? Unless you’re using enough foundation to cover, it’s still best to use a separate sunscreen before applying foundation. And forget about powders providing enough: You’ll never cake on enough to protect your skin as well as a liquid sunblock. Be safe rather than sorry and consider powders with SPF as extras.



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