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get rid of pregnancy stretch marks

Pregnancy is a wondrous and happy time in a woman’s life. She and her partner are creating a precious, little life! But the miracle of life often comes expanding skin, excess weight, and dreaded stretch marks. Excess weight can often be dropped, but stretch marks are usually there to stay. Or are they? Most people think that once you have stretch marks, they’re there forever.

But thanks to new skincare technology, they don’t have to be! You can get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, or treat them to where they “disappear” into the surrounding skin. A new breakthrough technology called Silicone Fusion Technology from Dermaclara skincare harnesses the healing power of medical grade silicone. This silicone encourages the stretch-marked skin to heal itself and blend seamlessly into the surrounding skin. These Silicone Fusion Treatments come in a large, flexible, heart-shaped skin pad that adheres to skin. While sticking to skin, it creates something called “occlusion” which is a microclimate that increases collagen production, normalizes hydration, and encourages even skin tone.

Women who’ve used Dermaclara clarafuse treatments after pregnancy report stretch marks fading within weeks of regular use. They applied clarafuse to stretch marks on their post-pregnancy stomachs, hips, and thighs for 1-9 hours a day. With clarafuse’s comfort and versatility, the treatment can be worn under clothes or while sleeping, so there’s no interference to a busy mom’s life. For before and after photos, or to order, visit Dermaclara.com.


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