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treating pregnancy stretch marks

Pregnancy is when a beautiful life is forming inside of you, but while this beautiful life is forming, unfortunately for most, stretch marks are forming, too. Because the skin stretches quickly, no matter what you do, or what you slather onto your belly, stretch marks can appear.

Thanks to advances in the beauty and skincare worlds, you aren’t doomed to have stretch marks forever. One of our favorite advances, Silicone Fusion Technology from Dermaclara is one of the most exciting beauty weapons to debut in recent memory. Silicone Fusion Technology, found in Dermaclara clarafuse, which enhanced by complementary products that cleanse and hydrate skin, the appearance of stretch marks will fade.

The basic Silicone Fusion Treatment is three parts: cleanser, Silicone Fusion Treatment, and serum.

  1. Dermaclara’s claraprep is a hydrating cream cleanser that’s uniquely formulated to soothe and moisturize skin with stretch marks. It enhances the skin’s natural ability for efficient cell turnover, and helps rejuvenate the exterior layer, allowing fresh, new skin to take its place. Its naturally moisturizing and healing ingredients provide gentle cleansing for a post-baby belly.
  2. Clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatments consist of flexible, breathable, medical grade silicone pads that adhere to skin. Each treatment creates the perfect micro-climate of hydration, firmness, and healing, allowing the skin to restore itself and blend the stretch marks in with the surrounding skin. Clarafuse can be worn from one to nine hours, and because they’re comfortable and thin, you can wear them while you sleep or under your clothes during the day.
  3. Serums do amazing things for skin due to their concentrated active ingredients. Because of their restorative properties, high-quality serums complement Silicone Fusion Treatments to reduce the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks. Dermaclara’s claraline is a peptide-infused serum that helps increase collagen in the skin, helping skin get a firmer, more even tone. Plus, it’s formulated with antioxidants to strengthen fragile skin.

Dermaclara is an innovative new skincare line that features the revolutionary Silicone Fusion Treatment, as well as peptide-infused serums and gentle, moisturizing skin cleansers. If you’re battling pregnancy stretch marks, try this affordable at-home solution to stretch marks. For more info, head to Dermaclara.com.


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