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dermaclara advanced silicone fusion treatment

Stretch marks are the bane of most women’s existence. Long, silvery, and noticeable, they mar otherwise beautiful body skin. So what are you supposed to do about it? Creams don’t work, and laser treatments don’t work for everyone (and are expensive and require trips to the dermatologist). Luckily, there’s a new stretch mark treatment that doesn’t require chemicals, injections, or surgery. We recently discovered Dermaclara Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment, also known as clarafuse.

Clarafuse is a unique stretch mark treatment. Utilizing the power of medical grade silicone, it reduces the appearance quickly and effectively. It consists of a large, heart-shaped “pad” that is flexible, breathable, and sticky on one side. Treatment consists of placing the sticky side of Dermaclara Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment on skin that has stretch marks. You need to wear it for at least an hour (up to nine hours). Because it’s so thin, flexible, and comfortable (not to mention secure), clarafuse users have worn the treatment under clothes during the day, or while sleeping. We love the idea of getting rid of stretch marks while you sleep!

After trying it for several weeks, here’s our review of Dermaclara Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment for stretch marks: It works! And it works well. Our testers used clarafuse for several hours each day. They placed the treatment on their stomachs, hips, and thighs, and were able to wear them under their clothes comfortably. We were surprised at how sticky they were, but that enabled them to stay put. After removal, the area treated temporarily looks red, but then went back to normal skin color. As the days went on, the stretch marks appeared to be blending into the surrounding skin. They looked much less noticeable at the end of our testing period.

We highly recommend Dermaclara clarafuse Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment as a quick, effective, and inexpensive stretch mark treatment option. For more information, visit Dermaclara.com.


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