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When it comes to looking flawless, no place on Earth knows beauty quite like Hollywood. Naturally, the world has its eyes on the red carpet, as people await the next skincare trends to come out of this city that’s adorned by spotlights.

As 2017 gets close to its half-way mark, we thought we’d share some of this year’s most impactful beauty trends so far:

1. Clip-On Veneers

Sadly, many people don’t like their own smiles. It’s an unfortunate thing since the world loves smiling faces. Veneers can be quite pricey, forcing a lot of people to forego their wishes for a beautiful smile when they face the potential bill. Clip-on veneers have revolutionized the world, bringing with it confident selfies and un-afraid smiling faces

2. Skin that Breathes

2017 has ushered in a new world of brave women, as they face the universe with healthy, radiant skin that’s properly conditioned and cared for. Au naturale is the look this year, with fresh and glowy vibrancy at every angle.

3. Silicone Fusion Treatments

Dermaclara, a company that focuses on skincare renewal treatments and age-fighting formulas, set out with a mission to undue all of the damage that time, pregnancy, and weight gain have inflicted on people’s skin over time. Thanks to Silicone Fusion Technology, 2017 has offered many people a more youthful appearance.

4. Simplistic Hairstyles

Even celebrities are leaning towards the idea that less is more (at least in their off-the-red-carpet lives.) Along the same lines of makeup without fuss or muss, hairstyles are equally as unbridled this year. The trend is for natural curls, a little bit of mess, and an all-over easy-to-do ‘do.

5. Personalized Beauty Products

YSL Beaut√© started a major trend with makeup that’s not only meant to last for the long-haul; it’s intended to be delivered with a personal impression, too. The company’s lipstick engraving has made headlines with celebs who want to wrap their own brands up in a gift basket or simply be seen when they’re standing at the mirrors in their favorite restaurants.

Did we miss one of your favorite 2017 Hollywood skincare trends? Share your best-loved beauty trends below!


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